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April showers bring National Bike Month!

The whole month of May is National Bike Month. Bike to work and school day is May 20. There will be several stations around Bellingham that will provide water and snacks to the community who are biking to work or school. Biking for transportation is good for person, community, environmental health AND personal economic health! So, if you’re interested, get a team together and get on your bike! Rain or shine, it feels great! 🙂

Posted by: WCCHorizon | May 11, 2011

Welcome back!

We’re just a little more than halfway through this quarter. Right about time for midterms! I sincerely hope you are all doing well. Check out our website! Give us feedback on how WE’RE doing. What could we improve on? What would you like to see in the paper? Tell us! 🙂

Posted by: WCCHorizon | March 28, 2011

Good night and good luck

Well, spring break is finally here, and winter quarter is now but a memory. What kind of memory, of course, may differ greatly depending upon the outcome of your final exams.

Either way, though, I’d like to thank anyone that picked up a copy of the Horizon, checked out our website, visited this blog (although I admit my neglect towards updating it as the quarter dragged on is now very apparent), or gave us any kind of feedback (good or bad) on stories we published during winter quarter.

I wish everyone the greatest, safest, and most refreshing break imaginable, and also extend the best of luck to everyone when spring quarter begins in another week.

Although I’ll no longer be part of the Horizon, the paper will be left in the capable hands of Emily Huntington, who served as production editor during winter quarter and will be re-assuming the position of editor-in-chief. I know that she and the rest of the spring quarter staff, which will feature a few returning members, will do a great job.

And if anyone reading this is interested in journalism or photography, consider joining the staff of the Horizon! Editorial positions, several of which are currently open for next quarter, are paid jobs (via stipends). For more information, send an e-mail to the Horizon’s faculty adviser, Toby Sonneman, at

Farewell, Whatcom!

Your (soon-to-be-former) editor,

Matt Benoit

Posted by: WCCHorizon | March 10, 2011

Final issue of the quarter due out March 10

The final Horizon issue of winter quarter is due to be published on March 10. A 16-pager, we hope you’ll find the content interesting. Look for stories about Running Start enrollment, SWAT team exercises, how Whatcom’s basketball teams did at the recent NWAACC tournament, and much more!


Your editor,

Matt Benoit

Posted by: WCCHorizon | February 11, 2011

Issue #2 published, Issue #3 on the way

With the publication of our second issue of the quarter on Feb. 8, the Horizon staff is hard at work putting together stories for our third issue of the quarter, due out Feb. 23.

Look for interviews with WhatcomREADS! author Jim Lynch and Seattle-area hip-hop artist Macklemore in that issue!

If you have any comments, questions, or story ideas, feel free to contact me at

Your editor,

Matt Benoit

Posted by: WCCHorizon | January 26, 2011

Issue #1…Delayed

Due to a technical issue, the Lynden Tribune will not be printing and delivering the Jan. 25 edition of the Horizon until Wed., Jan. 26. Look for it on campus newsstands Wed. afternoon. We apologize for the delay.

Your editor,

Matt Benoit

Posted by: WCCHorizon | January 16, 2011

Issue #1…Coming Up!

Our staff is hard at work with their story assignments for issue 1 of winter quarter. The issue will hit campus newsstands on Jan. 25.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to a Q&A with Jim Lynch, author of this year’s WhatcomReads! book, Border Songs. The interview will likely appear in our third issue of the quarter, due out Feb. 23, one day before Lynch’s visit to Whatcom’s campus.


Your editor,

Matt Benoit

Posted by: WCCHorizon | January 7, 2011

The Man with the Golden…Voice

Although it’s likely you’ve already heard about it by now, check out the amazing story of a homeless man in Ohio whose amazing, made-for-radio voice has taken him off the streets and turned him into a media sensation in the span of just a few days after a reporter from the Columbus-Dispatch “discovered” him:

Posted by: WCCHorizon | January 5, 2011

And so it begins…

Well, a new year and a new quarter is upon us, and here at the Horizon, we have a larger than usual group of writers, editors, and photographers ready to do our best in bringing you all the happenings on Whatcom’s campus. We hope you will be interested, informed, and even occasionally entertained by our content this quarter, both in our print edition and on our Web site. Our first issue hits newsstands Jan. 25.

Your editor,

Matt Benoit

Posted by: WCCHorizon | December 31, 2010

Horizon photographer gets published

One of the Horizon’s photographers from fall quarter, Lauren Owens, recently had a photo essay about Bellingham Cold Storage published in the Bellingham Business Journal.

Check it out!

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